"Very thorough presentation. I especially appreciate the avoidance of "legalese" in the presentation. Also of value is Eden's explanation of the philosophy behind the planning formats."
- K.M.

"I have heard many attorney's presentations over many years. This is the first that is compelling! Eden's emphasis on value is refreshing and encouraging. "
- W.M.

"Speaking about and making arrangements for end-of-life planning can be uncomfortable. No one can make this easy, but Eden makes it a reflective process that will eventually be an incredible gift to our children. Peace of mind and peace in the family is well worth the time and money invested."
- A & E

"What a mess our affairs would be in if we had not met Eden last year! And what peace of mind we have because of the good job she and her staff did for us - especially the service given to mother's estate. We're eternally grateful!"
- James & Jo H.

"I have known Eden for many years, and you cannot find an attorney anywhere in the country who has an estate planning practice that focuses more on the individual needs of the family than Eden's. She is very creative in her planning solutions for her clients, and she is extremely gracious in sharing her skills and practice ideas with other attorneys. She is a recognized leader in national and state estate planning organizations, yet you will feel comfortable and at ease when discussing your estate planning needs with her."
- Wayne Wilson

"Eden Rose Brown is that rare combination of an exceptionally skilled estate planning technician and a sensitive family counselor who truly cares about her clients. I hold Eden in the highest regard as both a fellow professional and kind, compassionate person."
- Philip Kavesh

"We were planning to update our wills, when Eden Rose Brown convinced us that Revocable Living Trusts were superior and that she and her firm were best suited to preparing them for us. Indeed, the preparation process was professional yet personal and the final product impressive for its unique fit, clarity and user friendly instructions going forward. We are very pleased and will not hesitate to recommend Eden and her great staff to others."
- E & L

"The meeting last week was SO encouraging. We are amazed at the wisdom in your counsel...Thank you, Eden. We so appreciate you."
- Terri

"Eden, Thank YOU for using your God-given talents to bring peace of mind and blessing to so many people."
- G.S.

"Thanks for the nice, friendly, accurate way that you folks conduct your business! I continue to be thankful that I was directed towards Eden and her staff."
- L.G. Ottawa, Canada.

"Eden is a very thorough, professional and delightful person to deal with and has an outstanding staff. I've told many, she's the best kept secret in the legal community."
- C.A., Advisor.

"Eden, you were the perfect choice for me. I loved working with you. Thank you so much. I must say your staff is wonderful too!"
- L. & L. A.

"It was a very pleasant experience. How can one not love and appreciate Eden Rose with her warmth and charming ways. We certainly do."
- P & S.A.

"Eden is one in a million! The very best relationship we ever had with a lawyer. Not just an advisor, but a trusted friend."
- D. & J.L.

"After the initial meeting, we were so eager to work with Eden and her staff."
- D. & J.O.

"Eden’s a treasure – so caring and interested in me. The entire office is courteous and helpful. This firm rates a 10+!"
- R. & W.

"Excellent advice explained in understandable terms. They take care of every detail. I felt like we made a good friend as well as secured an excellent lawyer to secure our estate for our family."
- Katrina

"We had such a nice time at your office. Our Trusts are a work of art that will give us peace of mind in all we do. Thanks for your care, for your attention to detail and for your friendship. "
- D. & J. O.

"I feel like I have made personal friends."
- B.D.

"We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for our families. Your love of work in Estate Planning shows excellence, compassion and consistency with God's word. Jessica and you both remind me of the Proverbs when we talk or meet."
- D.M. and J.M.

"I spent all of September caring for my Mom, when we arrived we found her after suffering a stroke the night before. It makes me appreciate those who have taken the time to plan for that extra layer of stress and care so many of us will need to face. Bless my father for leaving her in good stead financially. Another testimonial for good planning!"
- M.H.

"You sent me several trusts with language you had created. I want you to know that I think your trusts are absolutely works of art. They are beautiful! It is no wonder your clients are so pleased and happy to work with you. You should be so proud!"
- Judith Howard, Minot, ND.

"Thanks so much for that terrific meeting we had yesterday. Craig and I both felt we had accomplished something very comprehensive, thorough, and lasting. Thank you! Thank you!"
- C.& B.J.

"My Trust is wonderful! You have a genuine knack for putting things just the right way and for making this process very easy! You certainly earn those hugs!"
- D.A.V.

"Thank you for your understanding and expertise in helping me to be sure my companion animals will be provided for after my death. That was and is my number one concern. Your expertise on pet trusts and providing for pets has given me great peace of mind."
- C.E.

"I feel very comfortable with all the staff. I feel I can ask them anything and they will help me. Thank you for being there."
- A.S.

"John and I very much appreciate the effort your crew put forth for these transactions to be completed before the first of the year. I know a lot of extra time and effort went into this for us since everything happened so close to the end of the year. Thank you so much."
- J. & H. W.

"I love you guys. Thank you for guiding me though the different aspects of the revocable living trust and for your love, friendship and kindness in my life."
- T.L.

"We feel very good about the trust that you have put together for us. It is both relaxing to us to know that this is done and we have a solid document that will take care of our wishes both while we are alive and when we are gone. And we are VERY glad that you introduced us to the value of a trust for our future disability and for our furry 'children'."
- K. and S. W.

"Thanks for a great experience!!! We really appreciate your clear, easily understood explanations!"
- B. & N. C.

"We give you a 5 star rating!"
- P. & D. B.

"Everyone in your office is so very helpful! We appreciated the time and effort by all in making our plans legal. You made things so much easier for us and ours. Thank you all!"
- C. & E. S

"Walt and I were very impressed with you and your staff. Thank you for everything."
- W & E.O

"You are very professional and thorough. You take a personal interest in me. The final product is well done. You were open and patient. You’re the best."
- S.B.

"I loved your office staff and you and felt comfortable. We’ve told many others about your firm."
- S. & P.W.

"We are more than satisfied with the way everything was handled and I most especially appreciate your thoughtfulness in the way you and your staff spoke to us. Your office is a very friendly place to be."
- Dr. R. & B.D.

"We are very pleased with the service from your office as well as the personal contact during and after our estate planning."
- C. & J.B

"Your office personnel and you are the best."
- S. W.

"We appreciated your attention to detail, your knowledge, and expertise. Our last lawyer didn’t know half you did!"
- Dr J. & J. W.

"It was a rewarding experience to be served by professionals even though our needs were nominal. We feel we can have utmost confidence in that service."
- W. & D.L.

"No high pressure. We appreciated having our needs analyzed, an explanation of services and THEN discussion of the fee."
- J. & P.R.

"Great service – Great people! Thank you!"
- Dr J. & M. M.

"We feel so much better having the trust all settled. Thank you and your wonderful staff!"
- G. & M.S.

"They take the time to cross every “ T” and dot every “i” and create plans that are unique, personal, and very comprehensive. We no longer have to worry that our plan will work when we need it to. That sense of relief is priceless."
- Drs. B.J.& S.W.

"We are so satisfied that we have recommended your office to 3 of our friends and family members that have been in need of quality planning. So far, two have completed work with your office."
- K. & K. G.

"You truly are the Nordstrom’s of estate planning!"
- General D. & S.R.

"How can I rate you? An 11 out of 10! You have been so good to me through what could have been a very trying procedure. I love you girls!"
- E.C.

"We left saying how wonderful you and your staff are and how lucky we are to be working with you on our future!"
- G.& L.H.

"I feel very cared for by your firm."
- S. C.

"Thank you for allowing me to love my lawyer!"
- K.D.