R. Scott Corey, J.D.
Collaborating Attorney
P: 503-581-1800
E: RSCorey@EdenRoseBrown.com
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Born and raised in Salem, you may remember his father’s business here, Bob’s 19 Cent Hamburgers! Scott moved to Eugene in 1970 to help expand the family business, earned his law degree and business law certificate from the U of O in 1990, and has been developing his estate planning and business practice there ever since.  Scott and Eden have been colleagues for nearly 15 years and in 2005 he came on board to help develop the business planning practice. He now handles all of the new business startups and family partnerships and, being a compassionate writer, often assists with creating detailed, family values trust provisions.

“I’ve discovered I enjoy teaching and am committed to developing client philanthropy at a very personal level. I also believe everyone can, and will “Leave a Legacy” if someone just takes the time to show them how.”

Scott is also quite the handyman and his wife Nancy enjoys keeping her cats, goats and chickens on their small acreage up the McKenzie. When not engaged in house renovations or ‘farm’ projects you will find them sailing, skiing, whitewater rafting, walking or biking the scenic bike trails around Eugene..

University of Oregon School of Law (1990)
Claremont Men's College (1970)

Continuing Professional Education
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