Our Vision ~

Our clients involve us when planning for the two most important things in their lives: everything they own and everyone they love.  Our clients share their hopes, dreams, values and goals; we listen and help them understand their options.  We work with our clients to design personalized plans that reflect their own unique situation, while putting our knowledge and experience to work for their benefit. The result of such thoughtful planning is an estate plan that works.  Our plans promote harmony within the family and provide a lasting legacy that will continue to reflect our clients' values and ideals for generations to come.

Cooperation and Service ~

Eden and her caring, knowledgeable staff believe in taking the “team approach” to estate planning.  We have found that effective and responsible service to our clients requires us to build and maintain relationships with them and their professional advisors.  We encourage involvement; cooperation is the cornerstone of our relationships with our clients.  We recognize that planning is an ongoing life process, and that our clients' needs and lives will change over time.  We are dedicated to being a dependable source of experience and service for our clients - and their families - for generations to come.

What We Hope to Achieve ~

Our clients want to provide the best planning for their families so that the burdens of incapacity and death are controlled and minimized.  They are motivated by doing what is best for themselves and their loved ones, and they seek the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they have the most comprehensive estate planning possible.  We strive to help our clients understand that the foundation of the service we provide is not just saving tax dollars, but also appreciating the value of comprehensive, thoughtful planning for themselves and their loved ones. 

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about our unique style of personal planning, we invite you to call us.   We do not charge for phone calls or consultations and we welcome your communication with our office.
"I have known Eden for many years, and you cannot find an attorney anywhere in the country who has an estate planning practice that focuses more on the individual needs of the family than Eden's. She is very creative in her planning solutions for her clients, and she is extremely gracious in sharing her skills and practice ideas with other attorneys. She is a recognized leader in national and state estate planning organizations, yet you will feel comfortable and at ease when discussing your estate planning needs with her."
- Wayne Wilson

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